Ah So Ko

First, here are the motions:

 "Ah" - both hands pointed directly at another player

 "So" - both hands up in the air

 "Ko" - both hands pointing directly at the person who just said "So"


Now, here's when you say them:

 The player who starts says "Ah" and points both hands at any other player.  The person who is pointed to immediately says "So" and puts their hands up in the air.  Then, the each player standing next to the person who said "So" say "Ko" while pointing both hands at him.  The person who said "So" then begins again by pointing at someone and saying "Ah".  The game continues until someone breaks the rhythm.


Players who hesitate, speak but don't point, point but don't speak, speak too quickly, fail to point at the correct person, etc. must step out of the circle.  There will be two champions (as this game cannot be played with two people)-they will be the last in the circle.