Jimmy Brown

A                          D
Run and jump and skip and fall
You think you’re tall but you’re so small
D                                       A
Mamma calls for supper no more play
D                           E          A
Tomorrow will be another day

Singing hey la dee da oh la dee di
Oatie oatin oh and ollie oxen free
Oh I can run faster than Jimmy Brown
I’m the King of the mountain
And you’ll never get me down

Up bright and early I’ve got a lot to do
Gonna build a castle and go to the zoo
And visit Mother Goose in Storybook Land
Why does Daddy hold my hand


I’m pretty old now, five and a half
Gonna be like Mommy and never laugh
‘Cause when you’re old you’ve gotta be strong
You’re not a child for very long


I’m full grown now on my own
Oh how I wish I could go back home
And play all day with my old friend
Why does childhood have to end