Da Elk

“There is a song about an elk that was living on da prairie near Wolf Creek.  It is pretty cool and wet there on da prairie in da winter. But he was pretty connected to da habitat. There was good prairie grass to eat. There were good wallows of mud to wallow in. But da elk was looking to move to a new habitat with different food and mud. He wanted to deconnect from his prairie habitat and move to Jamaica. So he jump into de Prairie Creek. He start swimming. He swim down the creek past past Orick.  He swim to the Pacific Ocean. He start swimming south past L.A. He see this Minnie and Mickey and this Goofy dog. He swim into the Panama Canal. He swim into the Caribbean Ocean. He come to the island of Jamaica. He was dancing on the beach with his new Jamaican friends. He was playin’ da steel drums wid his hooves. His fur was all gnatty and dreddy. he was sippen the milk from a coconut shell and havin’ da goodest ol’ time of his life.”


[this is a repeat after me song]


Da Elk, Da Elk

Da Elk, Da Elk

Sleepin’ on the prairie

Eatin’ up da prairie grass

Wallowin’ in the wallow



Where did he go?

Well, I don’t know

He no can hide

From the web of life


[repeat first verse and chorus]


Dead Elk, Dead Elk

Floatin’ in Caribbean

Not eatin’ his coconut

Not boppin’ to da Beach Boys


Oh, where did he go?

Well, I don’t know

He tried to hide

But he no could hide

From da web of life


Da web


Da life