Gusano the Worm

I am the worm,

The wondrous worm,

It’s down below,

I live to squirm.

I eat the dead,

And the living’s my toil

And what comes out makes marvelous soil!



Gu-sanananana-nanananana-nananananaNO-Si (2x)


I aerate the earth as I tunnel and squirm,

I’m proud to be called a worm!

Our tunnels flood,

It rains all night,

Come up for air,

Killed by sunlight,

When people die, worms attend,

Though it’s dull

But no one comes to a worm’s funeral!


The robin’s cute.

Have you not heard,

Of the massacre,

Of that early bird?

We do so much,

From us you could learn,

But you make us fish bait in return!