Recycle Rap

by Dana Lyons



Recycle, recycle, rip-rip recycle

Recycle cans, recycle glass

Recycle at home, recycle in class

Reduce your garbage, reuse your mind

Recycle, recycle, rip-rip recycle


I was walking down the beach on top of the world

When I met the eyes of a beautiful girl

I walked up to her and asked her her name

As I threw my soda in the garbage can

She said, “Hey man, what’d you do that for?

When you throw things away, we got to make more!”

Reduce, reuse, again and again

That’s the only way you’re gonna be my friend


Well I felt a little pale and I felt a little thinner

So I said, “Hey recycling girl, how ‘bout some dinner?”

She said, “I’m in a vegetarian mood, I feel like a little vegetarian fast food.”

I said, “I know the perfect place for you, they got veggie burgers with a slice of tofu.”

But when the man at the counter said “plastic or paper?”

Recycling girl said, “We don’t want neither!”

Reduce, duce, duce, duce, duce

Reduce, duce, duce, duce, duce

Then she pulled out her own plate and mug

Said to the man, “Hey, fill this up—I want a soy milk shake with a lot of banana”

“And a napkin for me!” she said, “Use your bandana!”


So I said, “He recycling girl, let’s talk about love”

She said, “First I think you better join my club”

There’s a club for the dolphins, a club for the trees

A club for the birds and a club for the bees

If you want to stick with me you got to be a doer

You can’t drink the water when the river is a sewer

You get nothing done just sittin’ in the bleachers

You got to play hard to save the other creatures

‘Cause the earth is our home, the earth is our mother

Yes I’m talking to you sisters and I’m talking to you brothers

If you want a healthy place to meet a boy or girl

You gotta dance, recycle, work to save the world

Recycle, recycle, rip-rip recycle!