Boom Chicka Boom

a repeat after me song


I said a boom-chicka-boom!
I said a boom-chicka-boom!
I said a boom-chicka-rocka, chicka-rocka, chicka-boom!
Oh yeah
One more time

baby style (talk like a baby)
underwater style (move one finger across your lips while singing)
country style (talk like a cowboy)
valley girl style (“I said like a boom-chicka-boom”)
robot style
rap style

janitor style (“broom-sweep-a-broom” and “broom-sweep-a-mop-a-sweep- a-mop-a-sweep-a-broom”)

harley style (“vroom-shifta-vroom” and “vroom-shifta-grinda-shifta-grinda- shifta-vroom“)

astronaut style (“shoot-me-to-the-moon” and “shoot-me-to-the-blast-me- to-the-shoot-me-to-the-moon”)

barnyard style (“moo chicka moo” and “moo chicka bocka chicka bocka chicka  moo”)

flower style (“bloom chicka bloom” and “bloom chicka blossom chicka blossom  chicka bloom”)

Mr. Rogers style (“Can you say boom chicka boom?”…)


Spanish style (“Dije boom chica boom” and “Dije boom chica rroca, chica rroca, chica boom”, “O si”, “Asi es”, “Una vez mas”)


parent style (“I said a boom go to your room” and “I said a boom go to your room and don’t come back til after June”, “That’s right”, “Don’t talk back”)


Egyptian style (“I said a tomb chicka tomb” and “I said a tomb chicka mummy, chicka mummy, chicka tomb”)


photographer style (“zoom clicka FLASH, clicka FLASH, clicka zoom”)