The Stars at Night

The stars at night go twink-a-link-a-link
A way up in the sky
The moon at night goes blink-a-link-a-link
It shines right in my eye
The skunks at night go stink-a-link-a-link
I wish they’d go bye-bye
Oh twink-a-link-a-link
Oh blink-a-link-a-link
Oh stink-a-link-a-link
Oh my

[sing again, but this time leave out the blank-a-link-a-links, sky, eye, bye-bye and just use motions]

twink-a-link-a-link:  open and shut hands up in the air
sky:  point to sky
blink-a-link-a-link:  open and shut hands in front of face
eye:  point to eye
stink-a-link-a-link:  plug nose and wave hand in front
bye-bye:  wave goodbye