Tom the Toad

*to the tune of “Oh, Christmas Tree”


Oh, Tom the Toad
Oh, Tom the Toad
Why did you hop out in the road?

1)  You used to be so green and fat,
    But now you are so red and flat

2)  You did not see the coming car,
    And now you are part of the tar

3)  You were alive and now you’re dead
    You are part of my tire tread

4)  You used to be so big and sweet
    But now you’re just coyote meat

5)  You used to be so big and fat
    But now you’re just a big red splat

6)  You hopped out to the yellow line
     And turned into a streak of slime

7)  It’s clear to all you’re in a rut
    We all did see your gushing gut

8)  There was a loud and awful crash
     For poor old Tom has just got smashed

9)  You didn’t look as you jumped out
    A ten-ton truck ran up your snout

10)  You used to hop and jump about
     But now your guts are spilling out