G        Em             C            D

As I have traveled all over this world

             G          C                G                     D

There’s one sad thing that I find

                G              Em                  C                                    D

When the wide road calls you must leave friends and all

G             C          G               Em

Leaving a song behind, for a while

C              D        G

Leaving a song behind.



G                 Em      C             D

One for the money, sing for a penny.

G                 Em          C               D

Two for the show, any song that I know.

G                 Em          C                  D

Three to get ready, the wide road is calling.

        G         Em             C                  D

And four to go, well it’s been good to know you

        G         Em          C      D        G    Em    C    D

And four to go, I’ve a long way to go.


Some value money and some value fame

Some value women and wine

But a song and a friend at the turn of the bend

Are riches I’d rather were mine, anytime

Riches I’d rather were mine.


When I am gone, may my wish linger on

And it’s echo fall soft on your ears

May you all live in peace, may your wisdom increase

And your happiness grow through the years,

My friends, may your happiness grow through the years.