Walk With Me and Be My Friend

G                                   C                             D               G
When the daylight all around you turns to dark and disappears
Em                               G                            C                       D
All your dreams have left you and you’re one step shy of tears
G                                       C                      D                                  G
You’ve tried your best to make it but the world has passed you by
Em                           G                         C                        D
Nothing seems to matter and you’ve lost your will to try

G                       D                                          C
Reach out your hand to me and do not be afraid
C                          D                         G
Let your soul be free just like the wind
G                              D             Em                 C
Let me know your sorrow and I will understand
C                 D                       G
Walk with me and be my friend

You’re my sister, you’re my shadow, you’re the world, you’re my best friend
You show me all your rainbows and make sure mine never ends
And come tomorrow morning when we’re up and gone away
Will your memories remind you of the things we’ve done today


If the world should end tomorrow would you still be here with me
For the future holds no promises and gives no guarantees
If the night could last forever I would spend it all with you
But the morning sun will find us and we’ll start our day anew